Rental Camry Goes Missing; Renter Concludes Avis Repossessed Car, Starts Viral Twitter Thread

A man who rented a Toyota Camry follows clues to figure out the rental company must have towed it back to the office, and for no apparent reason. But there’s a happy ending.BY  AUG 24, 2021

re opening continues across densely populated new york and new jersey areas


  • Discovering your car has disappeared is never a good feeling, but it’s especially bad when it’s a rental and you need it to get to the airport.
  • That’s what happened to one renter in New Jersey, but after viewing security camera footage and doing some online tracking, he concluded it was Avis itself that simply took the car back early, for no good reason that he could find. Twitter backed him up.
  • But there’s a happy ending: Avis eventually refunded the renter’s money, apologized, and gave him a coupon for a future rental.

Something strange happened to Tarikh Campbell while he was renting a car from Avis last week. It disappeared, and he slowly realized it was the rental-car giant that took it.

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