Buying a vehicle or having it at home as an heirloom is a very valid option, because it means an investment, but also a dream come true for many people.

Those lovers who put their hearts into each classic car that comes their way, not knowing that they can become historical with the passage of time. However, each country has its conditions to achieve this classification of vehicles, but it is worth it when exhibiting it at large conventions or events.

What is a historic classic car?
There are various rules that make a car a historic classic. Although in many countries they are different, these conditions prevail: that this model is 30 years old or more, since the classics are from 25 years old, it is also necessary that they have been discontinued. When you already have this, they will ask you for several technical inspections to check that the most important parts in it have not been changed and that it works correctly.

These details will give you the certificate and documentation in order.

What are the most famous designs?
In 1908, the Ford T automobile came out, which is considered historic for its more than 100 years old and the few copies that are still on the street. This brand taught the world how to manufacture in series, it served as a test for development in this industry.

Rolls Royce in 1925 launched its great special design, called “Phantom”, which was sold in series and only a few years. These vehicles were very expensive for their type of design, especially in India, where they valued the fact that a special body was used for each owner, according to his requirements.

We are going to the year 1938, where the Alfa Romeo 8C was released, which was a real fashion in Italy, they looked like families went on a trip across the country in this vehicle. Small quantities were made, so they have a high value today and are mostly seen by private collectors.
A little later, specifically in 1957, the Mercedes Benz 300 SL, was a success and a revolution in the industry because it had the famous “gull wing” doors and, being a limited edition, highly valued today.

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