The automotive industry has been in constant evolution, it began many years ago with cars made by hand to have mass production as it currently works, for this reason some have emerged that have become classics, whose copies cost several thousand dollars at auctions. If they tell you “Let’s talk about the Ford T”, several names may come to your mind, from Ford to Whiskers to Tin Lizzie, all positions since that time when he broke records in his assembly plant by being the first made in a chain, with which they changed the standards of its production.

Let’s talk about the Ford T: Historical data

It was made from 1908 to 1927 at the Ford Motor Company factory, by Edsel and Henry Ford as designers.
He had more than 15 million units manufactured, therefore it goes more than the Ford T … In that year he was a legend in the world of automobiles. Those who still have one today have obtained it at auctions.
Almost all Ford-branded factories assembled this design, not just in the United States. Spain, Brazil, the United Kingdom and other countries joined.
It was a front-engine, rear-wheel drive vehicle, the chassis was sold separately so that the bodybuilders could market it or remedy some faults.
In the beginning, for 1908 it started with 2 doors, but the company always sought to undertake new paradigms and in its last generations it already had its 4 doors, considering itself a passenger car type sedan.
In the first copies that went out to the street, the maximum speed was 71 kilometers per hour and 20 CV as power, at the moment we could not even imagine going out to the street with such a slow vehicle but in its years it was the best on the market .
Nor can we lose the fact that it cost between 800 and 1,000 dollars, for many it was a lot of money. Its best-selling era was after World War I, with millions of units available.
In Mexico it was a police vehicle, because it allowed you to go through agricultural roads or normal roads without causing an accident, and it was also very fast.
Their tires were very large, they made them pass smoothly on railroad tracks and even through places full of vegetation without having the slightest problem.

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