Lamborghini’s New Countach LPI 800-4 Hybrid Supercar

Lamborghini Countach

The retro Lamborghini Countach by Sant’Agata Bolognese is among the most beautiful, and technologically advanced, Lamborghinis of all time.

The supercar market these days is quite crowded. There are a lot of companies competing in what’s ultimately a niche market. This is great for automobile enthusiasts even if it puts pressure on mainstay supercar brands, like Lamborghini, which once dominated supercar culture. Back in the 1980s’ Lamborghini was arguably “the” brand as far as supercar went.

These days, we’ve all seen oodles of supercar pictures, and if you take a trip through a major city in the United States (and other countries) there’s a good chance you’ll stumble across a Lamborghini or a similar supercar. Back in the 1980s, however, exotics were properly exotic. Not so much anymore, but Lamborghini still strives to lead the pack.

Lamborghini Countach

Put together by Sant’Agata Bolognese, this modern take on the Lamborghini Countach for sale offers modern performance along with a stunning retro design. Just over a hundred models are expected to be built, so good luck getting your hands on one.

If you do manage to snag one of Sant’Agata Bolognese’s Countach models, you’ll get to enjoy excellent hybrid performance. These Countach models will be equipped with V12 engines cranking out more than 800 horsepower and a 48-volt electric motor/supercapacitor that beefs up the performance.

Lamborghini Countach Interior

Supercapacitors are drawing interest from luxury car designers. While expensive, supercapacitors offer vast storage capacities, far more than a comparable lithium battery. Supercapacitors can also be charged in mere seconds, and you can design them to dispense all of that energy quickly as well.

Supercapacitors haven’t hit the mainstream just yet, but Lamborghini already used them in their Sian model. Just as Lamborghini helped usher in the idea of modern supercars, the company might also drive supercapacitors into the mainstream.

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