Safety is an extremely important factor for everyone, even more so when the plan is to buy a car and this may have a dubious origin. It is necessary to verify in every possible way if this sale is derived from a theft. Not only to have a clear conscience, but because if that car is tracked down by its previous owner or the police, you can get into a very serious problem with the laws and end up involved in delicate things. So that this does not happen, you have to follow these tips that we teach you.

What steps to follow before making the purchase?
Check the license plate and also ask for the car’s serial numbers, this will allow you to verify in the traffic systems if this car belonged to another person or is reported for theft in any state entity, it is a step that cannot be missed to begin.
If the vehicle is new, obviously you must go to a dealer or establishments that are authorized by the brand. If not, the logical thing is to doubt the veracity of the seller and not specify the rest, much less some payment for the various existing methods.
When a car is stolen, it is convenient for the criminal to launch it on the market immediately and have it sold, the faster the better so as not to raise suspicions. In addition to rushing to buy, prices are often extremely low compared to brand-authorized stores in many countries.

Currently, things are sold even through social networks, so you must be much more careful than with a face-to-face sale. Do not meet with the seller to see the car in places far from the city, in streets without traffic or in other people’s houses. This means that the car will be sold to you without any verification and you may even be a victim of kidnapping.
You must demand the documents of ownership of the car, just as the seller is obliged to give it to you. It is the only way to be sure that you are the official owner of the car and not be a victim of a big scam.
It is important that before paying and that they give you the car keys, you access the documents that must be carried out in a sale. You also have to make an inspection of it with a mechanic, to check that there are no damages that go to greater causes, also this involves more investment of money.

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