You would be surprised to know that cars have two classifications based on how many years they have been on the market, so you can have an old or a classic one.

We are going to teach you to differentiate both and thus be able to decide which one will be chosen for whatever your purpose. This in turn is important because in many countries you must pay municipal or state taxes and registrations, which depend almost entirely on the vehicle design you have, so by law you must know, even if it is this basic part of the automotive world.

How can they be divided?
At a legal and practical level, it is known that old cars are those that have been marketed or used for 35 years, but that retain almost all their functions and original parts, because small modifications practically do not count, they must have most of the original parts of factory. On the other hand, for a car to be called classic it must exceed 50 years, where it must also have most of its original parts, without further restoration, although in some cases it is necessary because, over the years, the paint may fail and it needs renewed to look like new.

What advantages do these cars have?
Multiple insurance options: There is something very interesting, these cars are more prone to serious damage in an accident, so if you are looking for an insurance policy you can have a little more peace of mind if you suffer a collision or any other incident that would only generate you worries.
They have the ability to achieve mileage like a modern car, although some insurers will ask you not to exceed a number of kilometers per year. The conditions vary, but in fact they are very compliant, they will not leave you bad even in the face of the greatest emergency, it is a good investment in the short and long term.

You can participate and be part of large world congresses and conventions, sometimes even as decoration they look for them. Normally these cars are very attractive for all types of public, and sometimes they even make races, there are multiple possibilities.
For many it is a dream to have that type of car in their possession, which makes its owner feel happy and very happy to own one. In addition to making it easier for you to move from one place to another in town or city, you can travel to different places and leave everyone impressed wherever you go.

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