Today we perceive racing as synonymous with speed and perfection on each lap, but before the standards were vastly different, mainly because the technology was not available.

So you must know how these vehicles worked many decades ago, where they did not stop being very elegant despite the race. The first documents indicate that they began in 1894, where there was not much power in automobiles, but they also went from one town to another trying to go further and further, putting tests to make it complicated, being inspiration for what we see today on television. .

What were its characteristics?
The cars were very large, especially from the year 1900, they gave off a lot of smoke from their exhaust pipes and were extremely noisy. This made practically everyone see them, they could not go unnoticed on their tours that gradually expanded.
In those years, at the chassis level they worked similar to those guided by horses, there were 3 possibilities: A steering wheel on the external side, a kind of handle and the last possibility was a huge lever that gave the direction on which they would go.
It was very common to have accidents, because the wheels were originally made of wood. Add to this, the fact that all the streets in those towns were made of dirt and stones, which meant that they were constantly damaged, sometimes even leaving the place when falling on unevenness in the ground itself.

When the twentieth century began, this activity began to be regulated, creating official cups and races around the world, especially in European countries. Added to this, the efforts to improve the structure of these vehicles were paying off, they looked much more innovative and comfortable for the drivers.
The various automotive companies dedicated themselves to producing designs with greater displacement and a more refined appearance, in turn, in racing more protections were required: Spare wheels, weight and displacement limitations, fuel with water for cooling, trying to safeguard life. of those who dared to carry out these races.
Usually the first racing cars had between 4 and 8 cylinders. For the first years of the century, foot brakes were used, they had at least 4 different speeds, they could go backwards and more interestingly, only one person could be inside, to make them lighter, increasing the speed.

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