How Seasonal Change Can Affect Your Windscreen

When it comes to protecting yourself and the passengers in your car, your windscreen plays a crucial role. It protects you from weather, road debris and provides your car’s roof with structural support. Therefore, it is imperative to look after your auto glass and windscreen.

We are not the only ones affected by seasonal changes, but they can impact the functionality of your windscreen.Weather changes throughout the year from scorching hot summers to the cold of winter. Changing weather affects windscreens and is something few people understand. Seasonal climate change can cause a small chip to become a dangerous crack during an accident. This is why we advise everyone to have any windscreen damage fixed as soon as you notice it.Let’s explore how seasonal weather changes can impact your windscreen.Should we be concerned about temperature change?Weather conditions like sleet, rain, high winds, hail, and high temperature are all considered in windscreen design, and a windscreen should be able to withstand these conditions.Chips, cracks, and holes can occur even with the most well-made windscreens, especially during extreme weather conditions, and may lead to repairs or replacement.Pebbles and rocks aren’t the only things that can damage windscreens. Most people would think road debris and pebbles are the main cause of windscreen damage. However, the most significant risk could be the temperature inside and on the outside of your car. It can also contribute to pre-existing holes and cracks spreading rapidly.Your windscreen can be affected by seasonal change.During any time of the year, your windscreen can be chipped, cracked, or broken. Let’s examine the main reason seasonal damage may occur, along with suggestions to minimize seasonal windscreen damage!Windscreen Damage during SummerThe summer sun isn’t just a time to get a tan or have a reprieve from the cold winter months, but it can be pretty brutal on your windscreen. The heat may show signs of chipping or cause the windscreen to crack. The summer heat is not the only reason why this damage may occur.When the car interior is hot, we turn on the AC, cranking it up to full power to cool down the hot car interior. This can actually be one of the most detrimental things you could do.Crack, chips, and breakage can occur with sudden temperature drops, especially if there is pre-existing chipping.People also get out more during summer, spending more time on the road, which leads to an increase in other cars on the road. This likelihood of chipping or damage increases as there are more people on the road. A small chip in these conditions can soon turn into a crack, so we strongly advise that a small chip needs immediate attention.Summer PrecautionsOpen your windows when you start driving to let the airflow cool the car down naturally, first, before using the AC. This allows the temperature to normalize better.Slamming doors puts more pressure on the windshield.Repair damage as soon as you detect it.Shaded or partially shaded parking is best as it reduces the need for AC over the summer months.Raise the AC temperature slowly.Vents should be angled away from the windshield when the AC is on during a hot day.Windscreen Damage in AutumnAutumn is a wonderful season for those who prefer cooler weather along with stunning falling leaves.However, Autumn is not ideal when it comes to windscreen safety. Many people get into the habit of parking their car under a tree during summer for extra shade, but this practice is best stopped during Autumn.Leaves are not the only thing to fall from trees during Autumn. Twigs, seed pods, nuts, and branches all start to fall and can be a real hazard to your car. Falling objects with enough force can cause damage. Autumn storms can be brutal, and depending on where you live, hail may occur, which can also cause significant damage.PrecautionsParking under trees should be avoided.Repair chips and cracks whenever possible.For road safety and damage prevention, avoid driving in a hail storm.If possible, park undercover.Windscreen Damage in WinterOut of all the seasons, winter would have to be the worst for your windscreen and car. From dangerous roads to freezing weather, there are numerous ways your car windscreen can be damaged.Over many parts of the globe, you can expect a fair amount of rain, hail, or even snow during winter. Road hazards are much more frequent, but a build-up of dirt can scratch your windscreen, making it more challenging to see during heavy rain. Having a vast difference in temperature between the exterior and interior of the car can lead to damage. We all want to jump into a warm car and heat it as soon as possible during winter. Directing the heater vents on the windscreen can lead to cracks and chips, especially if there is existing damage.Precautions for WinterDirect heat to the floor vents, then work your way up.Boiling water should never be used to clear ice or frost off your windscreen!.Top up washer fluid as it will prevent scratches on your windscreen in winter.Check if your wiper blades can wipe away rain easily and other debris.Ensure you have a clean windscreen.As you notice a crack or chip, try to repair your windscreen.Should your windscreen constantly fog, check your windscreen seals for deterioration or gaps.Warm the car interior slowly instead of running the heater on high.Avoid parking under trees, and if possible, park undercover.Avoid driving during a hailstorm or a heavy storm.Windscreen Damage in SpringSpring is a difficult month to predict. Violent storms are as likely to occur as warm weather. Your car could be vulnerable to falling debris, high winds, and storms. Spring visually is typically pleasant with leaves returning to green, blooming flowers, but it’s not fun when your windscreen gets cracked! High winds and storms are hazards for your windscreen. Wet roads and debris can make driving more difficult and dangerous.PrecautionsIf possible, park undercover and away from treesTry to avoid driving in a stormDriving cautiously always helpsShould you happen to be located near Melbourne Australia and require windscreen repair or replacement our team will be glad to help. If you are located elsewhere, there are many trusted local specialists who should assist you. Above all, if you notice a crack or chip, try to get it repaired straight away

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