Ferrari F8 Tributo vs McLaren 765LT

Ferrari F8 Tributo

The F8 Tributo is Ferrari’s latest twin-turbo V8 engine sports car—and it’s nothing short of impressive. This ferociously fast machine is packed with an explosive 710 horsepower, plus a top speed of 211 mph, thanks to lightweight upgrades and adopted F1 technologies for even more agility. This supercar practically carves through the air with all sorts of aerodynamic features and wraps each corner effortlessly. The F8 Tributo launches from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, clocking a quarter mile in just 10.9 scary-fast seconds. 

While the Ferrari F8 Tributo for sale is no joke, how does it stack up against competition? Specifically, the McLaren 765LT for sale. On the Pennzoil Proving Ground, these two supercars were put to the test—a drag race to end all drag races, to see who could clock the faster quarter mile in a simple, straight line. 

McLaren 765LT

Not for nothing, the latest McLaren was designed for track racing—it weighs under 3,000 lbs with a 754 horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine. For weight-saving, performance purposes, the McLaren is pretty stripped down in terms of comfort and luxury, with basically zero cargo space and no carpets. For even more weight-saving tactics, you can opt out of all entertainment technologies to seriously strip this car down to the studs. The McLaren 765LT clocks in at 205 mph, with 0-60 mph in just 2.4 sec. 

The quick version? McLaren leaves the Tributo in the dust. While Ferrari is known for impressively high top speeds, there was no denying the sheer horsepower and explosive start from McLaren that couldn’t be repaired in the quarter mile sprint. McLaren is quickly proving itself as an adaptable brand with futuristic technologies and impressively lightweight engineering to make its way to the forefront of the supercar world.


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