Ferrari Enzo: The Best Supercar In The World

Ferrari Enzo

In the motoring world, “Enzo” means two things: the first name of the legendary founder of automaker Ferrari and the nameplate for arguably the greatest street-legal supercar ever to grace a road. With a focus on the four-wheeled Enzo, let’s explore what makes this vehicle so unique.

To begin with, the Ferrari Enzo for saleembraces an approach that is rapidly disappearing from today’s automotive world. It doesn’t use superchargers, hybrid systems, or electric power to perform. Instead, the Enzo relies on the simplicity of a naturally aspirated engine. The company used this formula to produce 400 Enzo examples from 2002 to 2004.

Ferrari Enzo

Next, in creating this car, Ferrari sought to bring its then 50 years of Formula 1 experience to the street (if you could afford the $670,000 sticker price). Enzo Ferrari got his start in racing, so what better way is there to honor the man?

But, beyond fond memories and tributes, there are solid reasons why the Ferrari Enzo is such a standout.


Even though Pininfarina designed the Enzo, it eschews the typical Ferrari sleekness. Short of the prancing horse badges and quad taillight design clues, the casual car observer might not even guess this car is a Ferrari. The Enzo’s exterior was all about managing the wind and maximizing downforce and handling. This came about from decades on the F1 circuit and a conscious decision to choose function over form.

Ferrari Enzo Interior


The Enzo’s mid-engined power is all about the pureness of 12 naturally aspirated cylinders. And regrettably, these configurations are becoming dinosaurs as the world turns to kilowatts more than horsepower. Even today’s F1 cars use a hybrid setup. Yet, the Enzo’s engine is a mechanical symphony that’s music to any car lover’s ears. For number lovers, the 6.0-liter engine (and its 651 horsepower and 485 lb-ft of torque) rockets the Enzo to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds. Top speed hits 218 mph.


In another homage to the company’s racing history, Ferrari used a clutch-less F1-style gearbox for the Enzo. Paddle shifters control the gears as LED lighting on the steering wheel signals the driver when to engage the transmission. 

Ferrari Enzo Engine

Ferrari Enzo: The Sum of its Parts

Yes, it’s easy to find a car that may out-accelerate the Enzo or perform better on a slalom. Still, this Maranello masterpiece combines all the requisite supercar requirements into one package. A difficult achievement for any carmaker. 

Even if you believe that nostalgia plays less of a role in a car’s historical significance, look to the exotic car market instead. If you can find one for sale, expect an Enzo to sell for four times the original MSRP. That’s marketplace validation indeed.


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