DIY vs. Professional Vehicle Lockout Solutions: Benefits And Drawbacks

While locking yourself out of a vehicle may seem like an unlikely thing, it does happen. Even with the invention of smart auto keys, many people still find themselves in that predicament. In 2013, a report indicated that about four million people with smart keys locked themselves out of their cars. All it takes is a minor distraction for your car door to shut with your key still inside.

It’s a stressful, frustrating, and annoying situation to find yourself in, and it’s worse when you’re in a hurry and time is quickly running out. When this happens, do you go for a DIY solution, or do you seek the help of auto locksmiths such as ASGuard Locksmiths and others? This article looks at both solutions, their benefits, and their drawbacks.Benefits And Drawbacks Of DIY Vehicle Lockout SolutionsGoing the DIY way may be a good idea when you know what to do and can access the tools needed to carry out one. Look at the benefits of DIY vehicle lockout solutions:Cost-saving: Getting a professional to do the job comes at a cost. Sorting the situation by yourself saves you the expenses involved in hiring an auto locksmith, especially when you’re on a tight budget.Saving time: When you know what you’re doing, it can be quick, saving you the valuable time you’d have used waiting for a professional to get to you.Safety: If the lockout situation gets you away from home or a secure area, DIY solutions can save you from the danger that may befall you while waiting for a locksmith.On the other hand, a DIY solution for your lockout situation can go wrong when you don’t have the right tools or the basic knowledge of car locks.Lack of appropriate tools: Getting the right tools for the job can be challenging. Some of the DIY tools include using a wire hanger and metal rods. But even with the right tools, chances are it may take some time to learn how to use them properly.Learning challenges: If you need to learn a DIY vehicle lockout solution before you do it, you may end up taking more time than if you’d just called a professional. It can also prove difficult watching and trying to apply the methods at the same time.Risk damage: It’s entirely possible to damage other areas of your vehicle, such as the locks and windows, as well as have paint scratches. svg+xml, 3Csvg 20xmlns 3D 22http 3A 2F 2FwwwBenefits And Drawbacks Of Professional Vehicle Lockout SolutionsHiring a professional for any job is almost always the best choice in any situation, and vehicle lockout situations aren’t an exception. A professional gives you the guarantee that you’ll get the work done correctly. In addition, you can save on costs that may arise from poorly done DIY solutions.Here are the benefits of hiring an auto locksmith:Skilled expertise: If you get a reputable auto locksmith, you’re assured of excellent service delivery. They know what can help you with minimal risk of causing any damage to your vehicle.Experience: From years of working on different vehicle models, auto locksmiths know the best method and tools to deal with diverse car lockout situations. This may come in handy with a vehicle having a complicated lock.Time: When you get a timely response from a professional car locksmith, they can get your vehicle unlocked in just a matter of minutes. This is something that’s not guaranteed when you decide to undertake a DIY solution.Proper tools: A professional has all the tools required to get your vehicle open, unlike in a DIY situation where you may be using makeshift tools. They’re also skilled at using the tools, handling the job more efficiently.Insurance and license: All reputable car locksmiths are licensed and have insurance. The benefit of this is you can hold them liable if any loss or damage occurs when working on your vehicle. Ensure to ask for licensing for surety of professional and quality services.Availability: Fortunately, most professional auto locksmiths offer 24/7 services, meaning you can get them whenever you face a vehicle lockout situation. Also, they can get to wherever the auto lockout situation finds you.There are more benefits to using a professional auto locksmith instead of carrying out a DIY. However, there are also drawbacks to taking this solution as well.Cost of services: Auto locksmith services aren’t free. The fee may depend on how far you are from the services. In addition, all cars are different, and yours may be complex to work on, costing you more.Trust issues: Not every locksmith you call will be genuine and trustworthy. If you get an inexperienced locksmith, they may cause more damage to your vehicle or ruin your locks. Besides, you may also fall for a con posing as a legitimate locksmith. They may only be looking to gain access to your car or rob you.Reliability: It’s possible also to call an auto locksmith who may promise to get to you fast, but they end up taking more time or, in the worst case, not showing up. This can create immense inconvenience for you.The cost of hiring a locksmith majorly depends on the type of key required for your vehicle. You can also eliminate any trust issues by dealing with licensed and reputable vehicle locksmiths. Getting a professional to do the job seems to hold more favorable benefits than a DIY. However, if a DIY can work in your situation, nothing should stop you from taking that option.Final ThoughtsHiring a vehicle locksmith has its benefits and drawbacks, as it is with a DIY. However, vehicle locks require skills and tools you can only get from a professional auto locksmith. Locksmiths not only help with unlocking your vehicle, but they also ensure your lock safety while at it. It’s crucial to have contacts of a reputable locksmith when such a need arises.However, the best practice is to be proactive and keep a spare key you can easily access. Also, always be careful not to leave your car keys in the car anytime you’re stepping out.

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