Chevy Has a New 10-Liter Crate Motor That Makes 1004 HP

A naturally aspirated engine with that much power and 876 pound-feet of torque on pump gas proves that we’re in the midst of a golden age.

zz632 1000

When Mopar announced a 1000-hp crate engine called the Hellephant, it was hard to hide our disappointment. Sure, a four-digit horsepower number out of the box sounds great, but it was hard not to think the company had called just a bit short of the Goldilocks figure. The good news is that Chevrolet agrees, which is why the company is announcing a new, one-thousand-and-four horsepower engine.

That’s right, the newest big-block crate motor from GM makes 1004 hp and 876 pound-feet of torque on pump gas. The ZZ632/1000 does so without a turbo- or supercharger, relying instead on displacement alone. It’s got plenty of that; the 632-cubic-inch engine is massive, with a 10-liter capacity that shames even monsters like the Bugatti Chiron and Dodge Viper.THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOXFord Teases Its Electric Crate Motor ahead of SEMA2022 Chevy COPO Camaro Offers A 9.4-Liter V-8Peak Engine: 1578-HP Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

That’s more than any road car would ever need. But this thing is built for racing. The massive iron-block engine can take a beating, with Chevy noting that a prototype has weathered over 200 simulated drag races on a dyno without failure. We can’t even imagine what kind of power it could make with forced induction, but you’d struggle to find a blower that’d fit. 

If you can get by with just 1004 hp, the ZZ632/1000 goes on sale in early 2022. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the 621-hp ZZ572/620 with which it shares an engine block mold goes for $16,304.82. Expect this to land north of that figure.


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