Audi Skysphere EV Concept Is a Self-Driving Shapeshifter

Audi Skysphere EV Concept

Audi unveiled the potentially revolutionary Skysphere recently at the Monterey Car Week. We talk a lot about performance numbers, but the Skysphere’s truly unique attribute is that it can shape-shift. With the mere push of a button, you can convert this supercar from a sleek roadster to a roomy, comfortable grand touring car.

If you’re simply looking to cruise through some beautiful landscapes, you can engage the automated touring bode. In this mode, the cabin is configured for comfort. Besides taking in the scenery, you can engage with a large digital dashboard, and talk with your fellow passenger at ease.

Audi Skysphere EV Concept Interior

If you’d like to unleash the Skysphere’s full potential, you can engage the sport mode. In this configuration, the previously hidden steering wheel emerges. The driver’s seat, meanwhile, moves forward to allow for a better view of the road.

When buying a supercar, you normally have to make trade-offs between comfort and performance. A cabin configured ideally for racing must make sacrifices in regards to comfort. Likewise, if you want to enjoy maximum comfort, you have to give up some performance.

Audi's Skysphere

The Audi Skysphere will try to deliver both at once. That is, if it’s ever put into production. For now, the Skysphere remains a visionary concept. 

While the Skysphere may never reach production, the styling cues and vision may influence future Audi vehicles. The luxury automaker is investing heavily in automation and other advanced technologies to improve both performance and comfort.


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